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Continuation of State Universities and Colleges are Haunted by COA's 2009 Audits into their Financial Expenditures (A Series of Articles co-located on one (1) continuously updated link): 4. Technological University of the Philippines

4. Technological University of the Philippines (continued)

COA recommended that the TUP Administration require the Chief, Finance Services and/or Accountant to prepare the Journal Entry Vouchers to correct the Accounts Payable; and the necessary supporting schedules to validate the account balance.

Other problems pointed out by the 2009 CAAR:
  • Ten computer sets donated to the TUP-Main campus, and covered court, and school building funded by the PDAF in the TUP-Cavite campus were not recorded in the books of accounts, thus resulting in the understatement of the Property, Plant and Equipment and Income from Grants and Donations accounts by the value of the assets and contrary to the Government Accounting and Auditing Manual (GAAM).
  • COA recommended and the TUP Administration agreed that in the TUP-Main campus, the Head of the IT Department would be required to appraise the donated computers for proper valuation of the PPE account; the Accounting and Property Sections head would be required to record the ten sets of computer donated by the PPTF to TUP-Manila; and GAAM would be strictly complied with.
  • An inadequate review by the Accounting Office on the posting of PPE acquisitions in CY 2009 in the books of the TUP-Main campus, resulted in erroneous accounts classification of PhP 2,.5 million, and unrecorded property of PhP 283,192.80, thus affecting the fair presentation of the PPE accounts’ balances in the financial statements.
  • COA recommended and the TUP Administration agreed to require the Accountant/Finance Services Chief to analyze and review the accounting entries prepared by staff prior to approval of JEVs and final posting to the ledgers; reconcile accounting records with the property records and make the necessary adjustments; and prepare the correcting/adjusting entries in the books of accounts to reflect accurate account balances in the financial statements.
  • In TUP-Cavite campus, procurement of various supplies and materials totaling PhP 3,2 million and repair of its various facilities amounting to P629,317.61 were made thru splitting of Purchase Orders and Job Order contracts, respectively, contrary to the Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act 9184. COA recommended that the TUP Administration strictly stop the practice of splitting contracts and/or Purchase Orders .and adopt public bidding as the general mode of procurement.
  • Notices of Suspension amounting to PhP 18.2 million were issued due to non-conformity with the specifications in the P.O. of I.T. Equipment and Software, repairs or renovation of buildings and facilities and non-submission of the Disbursement Vouchers, checks and contracts or documents by the Chief, Finance Services, casting doubts on the propriety, completeness and accuracy of the said disbursements.
  • Correspondingly, COA recommended that the TUP Administration require the supplier or contractor to replace or rectify the items delivered which do not conform with the specifications as called for in the POs; the Chief, Finance Services, to immediately submit the required vouchers together with the checks and supporting documents like contract, progress billings, inspection reports, etc. for post-audit and evaluation; the former Bidding and Awards Committee Chair and members to explain their failure to question the supplier during the prequalification phase about the difference in the price quoted for the same items for which delivery was made earlier during the year compared to Prudent Diamond Square Construction Company. The latter was quoted at a much lower unit cost by 52%; and COA also asked the TUP Administration to require the Inspection Committee to explain why the delivered items were accepted despite of their non-conformity with the PO specifications.
  • Status of Audit Suspensions/Disallowances and Charges. As of December 31, 2009, the TUP Manila and Cavite campuses had a total unsettled disallowances of PhP 31.4 million and unsettled suspensions of PhP 18.2 million. 
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