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Continuation of "8. Rizal Technological University"

Though it was founded in 1975 as Rizal Technological Colleges (RTC), the College was converted into the Rizal Technological University (RTU) on October 11, 1997, by virtue of Republic Act No. 8365. RTU is tasked to provide highly professional, scientific, technological and special instructions in the fields of engineering and technology, education, business and entrepreneurial technology and arts and sciences and to the promotion of research, extension and advance studies in its area of specialization.

The Commission on Audit's (COA) 2009 Consolidated Audited Annual Report (CAAR) of RTU found that RTU's income increased from P 359 million in 2008 to P 397 million in 2009 or an increase in P 38 million. Of this, P 25 million  was from the National Government and P 12.7 million was from other income, 

But COA's 2009 CAAR also found the following problems with RTU's usage of the taxpayer's money:
  • A misstatement in the Receivables-Disallowances or charges was committed due to the erroneous debit of P5,954,279.25 to the same account for the disallowed Emergency Cost of Living Allowance (ECOLA) which was not yet final and executory, instead of P8,418,620.34, the total amount of the Notice of Disallowance, subject of two the Notices of Finality of Decision (NFD), both dated November 27, 2009 pursuant to COA Circular No. 2009-006, thus, casting doubt on the reliability of the Account Receivables-Disallowances/Charges balance of P5,954,279.25 as at year end.
  • COA is asking the RTU Administration to require the Accountant to prepare the journal entry voucher to adjust the Receivables-Disallowances/Charges and henceforth, ensure the accuracy of balances and reliability of the accounting reports pursuant to provisions of the NGAS Manual, Volume III and Section 22 of COA Circular No. 2009-065 dated September 15, 2009; and also to comply strictly with Section 7.2 of COA Circular No. 2009-006 dated September 15, 2009.
  • The validity and existence of the Property, Plant and Equipment (PPE) accounts totaling P779.72 million could not be ascertained due to the inclusion of unaccounted/missing properties costing P0.65 million; non-reclassification of unserviceable properties to Other Assets awaiting disposal costing P30.88 million; non-dropping from the books of accounts of disposed properties costing P3.88 million and the incomplete physical inventory of properties hence, unreconciled variance of P46.88 million between the Property and Accounting records existed contrary to sound property management system. 
  • COA is correspondingly asking the RTU Administration to formally create an inventory team to complete and submit the physical inventory reports of all properties of the University and reconcile these with the accounting records; identify the accountable persons for the missing/unaccounted properties and require them to settle their accountabilities and/or submit the request for relief from accountability in accordance with Section 73, PD 1445; and require the Accounting Office to prepare a journal entry voucher to reclassify to Other Assets account all unserviceable properties awaiting disposal and drop from the books all disposed properties.
  • COA also said the janitorial and sanitation services rendered by RTU-KAWANI Multi-Purpose Cooperative was procured thru negotiation since CY 2002, renewed and extended on a monthly basis thereafter until 2009 with total payment of P49.50 million thereby manifesting conflict of interest as the Cooperative is an association of the University’s employees. Moreover the mode of procurement was contrary to Section 10, Article IV of R.A. 9184 and Section 5 of the Government Procurement Policy Board Resolution No. 24-2007 thus, defeating the procurement principles of transparency and competitiveness.
  • COA is recommending that RTU's Administration submit an explanation as to why the procurement of janitorial services was not done thru public bidding;comply strictly with the provisions of R.A. 9184 and its IRR-A regarding procurement of janitorial services; require the RTU-KAWANI Multi-Purpose Cooperative to deliver all the equipment and supplies listed in the Breakdown of Cleaning Supplies and Materials and be duly received by the University.
  • Additionally, COA said that RTU's Administration should deduct the amount of Supplies and Materials not delivered by the Service Agency amounting to P25,885.50 from their succeeding payment of Janitorial services; and require the Service Agency to comply with the provisions of the Contract of Janitorial and Sanitation Services efficiently and effectively to avoid sanctions for not complying with the terms and conditions thereof.
  • Another problem COA found and pointed out in its 2009 CAAR was the issue of reimbursements of P1.97 million representation and travelling expenses by 74 university personnel which were not supported with sufficient documentation as required under existing government laws, rules and regulations, thus, casting doubts on the legality and validity of those payments.
  • COA is asking the RTU Administration to comply strictly with existing laws, rules and regulations on the payment of reimbursable representation and traveling expenses; require the concerned personnel to submit sufficient documents for the aforementioned reimbursements of representation and traveling expenses pursuant to the Government Auditing Code of the Philippines or P.D. No. 1445 to establish the legality and propriety of the disbursements; and submit certificate of appearances of the companies visited complete with telephone numbers and the official stationery of the company visited for confirmation purposes.
  • COA also pointed out deficiencies noted in the RTU Administration's procurement of goods worth P47.02 million thru Direct Contracting cast doubts on the regularity of the transactions. COA is asking the RTU Administration to render an explanation on the abovementioned deficiencies for evaluation; and comply strictly with the provisions of RA 9184 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations in the procurement of goods and services.
RTU's governing body is vested in the Board of Regents which is composed of the Dr. Patricia Licuanan, the Chairman of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) as Chairman, the President of the University as Vice-Chairman, and the Chairmen of the Congressional Committees on Education and Culture, the Director General of the National Economic Development Authority, the representative of the Department of Science and Technology, the President of the Federation of Faculty Associations, the President of the Federation of Student Councils, the President of the Federation of Alumni Association and two prominent citizens as members.

As of December 31, 2009, there were 654 personnel of RTU Main and Pasig campuses. Out of the 654 total workforce, 105 belong to the academe, 168 are part-timers and 381 are administrative support staff.

During the SY 2008-2009 and 2009-2010, a total of 35,373 students were enrolled at RTU Boni Main and Pasig Campuses broken down as follows with 713 Graduate School students and 34,660 undergraduate students.

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